Install the base station

Simply install the base station on your farm. The base station is responsible for collecting data from Cowlars and sending it to our cloud infrastructure using GPRS, so we can make sense of that data and provide you with actionable recommendations to streamline your dairy business.

Strap the Cowlars

Tie the cowlar on the cow’s neck. The Cowlar simply consists of a strap designed to comfortably fit around your cow and a small magic box that measure temperature, activity and cow behaviour, i.e. whether it’s eating, sleeping, ruminating or showing lameness. This data is crucial to monitor your cow in a bid to prevent diseases, detect heat cycles and increase milk yield.

Monitor your Cow

The installation process is extremely easy and takes just a few minutes. As soon as that is done, Cowlars will start transmitting live data to your interactive dashboard. The dashboard shows your cow’s temperature & activity readings over time through immersing graphs along with easy to understand insights and actionable recommendations that can be converted into tasks, for your ease.

Get alerts & actionable Recommendations

The data sent by your cows undergoes our complex, machine learning based algorithms where data gets combined with expert knowledge base and years of experience to bring you the best actionable recommendations. You’re prompted every time there is a health alert or your cow shows any disease symptoms or enters into heat or pregnancy. A healthy and happy cow significantly increases your dairy profit